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Based in Massachusetts"WSNT"Is a photographer that started in 2021 of December.
It's always been a desire of mines to start photography growing up, but due to being so limited I never had the chance to express myself as I can now. I only had photos and videos to depend on, these two things can tell a thousand stories.
Music played a very big part of WSNT along with my artwork,
from Punk, Rock, Synth, EBM, Industrial, House, Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and so on.
I want to capture moments for the both of us to savor.

Depending on where you’re located, what type of photos you’re interested in me doing, and how long I’ll be there for - Prices start as low as $70/hrPlease check my FAQ section BEFORE messaging me with any questions,
serious inquiries only,
if you waste my time during our transaction
I’ll blacklist you, simple.

If offer coverage (via me emailing/DMing you),
it’s on my behalf
If you’d like to support me and my craft,
it’s much appreciated!
Cashapp: $NSZRIt’s hard out here!
“DO YOU SHOOT ANYTHING ELSE, OR IS IT STRICTLY CONCERTS?”Yes, I don’t just shoot concerts/events. Though I specify mainly in concerts, I can do others things as well. Portraits, promo photos, real estate shoots, just to name a few.
And fuck no, I don’t do weddings.
“ARE YOU AVAILABLE FOR TOURING?”No, not at the moment. Sorry!“IF I USE YOUR PHOTOS, WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I DO?”That I’m very serious when it comes to crediting and usage of my photos, you can either credit me in the caption, by tag, or by collaborating with my profile.(Unless you paid for commercial rights, then I don’t care)! Please don’t use my images on any type of production without informing me, there is a FEE you have to pay if you plan on using any of my images on merchandise !“ANY RULES I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I HIRE YOU?”1) Yes, if your band / artist is not flash friendly - LET ME KNOW. I know artists have their moments where they just want to not be agitated by disrespectful ass photographers and their flash going off every second, I get that. Luckily for you, I’m not that way. But just know if you don’t notify me ahead of time and if I can’t find a way to ask before you play…
I’m using it.
2) Let me know ahead of time if I’m allowed to go on stage, side-stage/stairs, or backstage IF it isn’t already opened for public photographers - that way I’m able to get better shots, since I’m not limited. Of course, it depends on the venue.3) If you want me to stay a bit later, or come earlier for promo shots or whatever, you have to let me know as well beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, after shows I love meeting and chatting with everyone - it’s sick. But the more time I’m there, the more time you’ll have to wait for your photos!“WHAT PAYMENT METHOD DO YOU ACCEPT”Due to people trying to fuck each other over,
I require a deposit of $50 (non-refundable)
(it’ll go towards your final cost)
I accept PayPal (F&F), Cashapp (Has to be through Cashapp Cash, not through your CC, I’ll refund you if I see you sent it that way), Venmo, and cartons of Dairy Pure 1% low-fat milk.